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The birth of Spring

Illustration for the exhibition Master piece - sold

Kadath of my Dreams

Illustration for the exhibition Dream within a Dream - sold

Se Zimbra Quiser/ If Zimbra wants

Participation in the 5th phase of "Sesimbra is Fish and Street Art" competition.

Lost Stories of Floating Worlds

1st Prize in the contest: "Sesimbra é peixe e Arte na rua" in the beautiful city of Sesimbra, Portugal.

Collective mural with ÚniQa

Collective mural "Só desta vez... Com os P.A.U.S. e com a ÚniQa Academia" (Only this time...with P.A.U.S. and ÚniQa Academy); at the club Lux Frágil in Lisbon. Art and Music event with live streaming. With the artists André Santos, António Segurado, Mauro Carmelino, Nuno Barbedo, Tânia Cardoso and Valentim Farinha.

Blossoming journey

"Mostra ÚniQa" ÚniQa Show Exhibition

Rio de Janeiro Sketchbook

These are some of the pages of my skecthbook from Rio de Janeiro. They are part of my research for my masters degree in PROURB from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Conversas Sketchbook

A great conversation always starts with someone asking a great question. With this in mind I started to draw the Conversadores every Wednesday night. All the different stories lead me to portray the people behind them and their voices in my sketchbook.

Character Design

A page of character design tests for "The Star".

Artists storytellers card

Type illustration.

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