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Personal comic project.

The Owl Man

Short Comic written by Joana Varanda. Will be available in H-Alt Magazine nº6 later in October.

The Hole in the Stone

The Hole in the Stone is a short Comic written by Joana Varanda for H-alt magazine nº5. This short story originated a spin-off book about magical creatures called Fantastic Encyclopaedia: Cornwall.


Opening page from the short comic Iguarias Gourmet written by Sérgio Santos. Available at H-Alt Magazine nº4.


Gandarinha is a story of mystery and magic set in the beautiful town of Sintra, Portugal. Written by Joana Varanda. Available at H-Alt Magazine nº3.


The Púrpura Project is a project by Brazilian writer Pedro Cirne de Albuquerque inspired by his grandmother's ITP (Immune Trombocitopenea Purpura) disease. A story to focus on the joys of life and not on the disease itself. This is a front page illustration for one of the 8 stories portrayed in the forthcoming book.


Punishment is a short story for H-Alt magazine nº2 in Portugal. Written by Sérgio Santos.


Overcrowded is a project about gentrification, all the super fast changes in cities, and how they are affecting our lives.

Amor Metafórico

Short Comic written by Sérgio Santos. Will be available in H-Alt Magazine nº6 later in October.


Opening page for the story "I stopped hearing the sound of the wind".

In descovery of the lost waste

Children comic done in collaboration with the Organization "Descobrir os Oceanos" and Formato Verde Lda. This short comic project was created for the stories written by young Portuguese students and illustrated by professional storytellers.  I collaborated in the process of storyboarding, penciling, inking, coloring and ballooning for the story "In discovery of the lost waste". (publication forthcoming)

Akuma tomo I

Akuma tomo I, is the introductory part in a trilogy story of Samurai. Writen by: West Givner

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